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The Burden Of Daily Devotions

These are my thoughts on why I gave up the traditional "daily devotion." If you have a busy unpredictable schedule and struggle with devotion time, I think you will be encouraged, while at the same time challenged.
The Alternate View
Several years ago I asked a pastor who I greatly admired what his daily devotions were like. I'll never forget what he said, "I don't really have daily devotions." My mind reeled with confusion. How could a man so caught up in the Spirit NOT have a daily devotion? Seriously, the man was a spiritual and theological giant. He went on to explain. "I don't have a scheduled time where I sit down to read and pray. Any devotional time occurs as I'm going about my day to day life," he said. I didn't argue, but I disagreed. "This cannot be right," I thought to myself.

"How can one be spiritual and not start the day with Bible reading and prayer?"

Despite the pastor's confession, I did not change…